In the next days I will shutdown the main schneeflocke service. The need for secure Friend-2-Friend-P2P-Applications is decreasing, as servers/webspace get cheaper and cheaper and its now perfectly possible to share big files encrypted via DropBox and co. Less than 10 people are constantly using the Service. Thank you for your support and see you on the next project.

The Sourcecode of the Schneeflocke will still be available at GitHub. If you have your own Jabber server you can always use the Schneeflocke client with it.

In the end I am still happy with the project as it taught me a lot

  • Asynchronous Networking in C++: The code contains a simple HTTP Client, a XMPP client, XMPP/BOSH, a new P2P-JSON-Protocol, simple NAT-Traversal Routines etc.
  • Multi Platform Development The code compiled to Win32, Linux and Mac (never released due to some bugs).
  • NoDB, function language Software Architecture: To get everything together there was a Scala Lift Based Web-Application to enable users to register, a MongoDB-based User database and a ejabberd-based Jabber Service for bootstrapping P2P Application. I won't open source the server stack as it is just to weird.
  • Agile Software Management Schneeflocke used continuous Integration for 2 Platforms (Linux, Win32) and was build (mostly) test-driven. Parts of the code are automatically generated in order to speed up network protocol development and to avoid any DRY violations.

Thank you all and let's look forward to the next big thing!