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Powerball is a puzzle game where you have to tip a board in order to bring a ball into the target. On the way you can collect Items like coins, beam, switches (which open you doors to more coins). It's based on the Ogre 3D Engine and was created during a complex project at the chair for computer graphics at TU Dresden.

You can find the official homepage here: http://www.inf.tu-dresden.de/index.php?node_id=167i3 but any further development will be done using the sourceforge project homepage.

Powerball Screenshot


Win32 Installer:


(private non-commercial use only).

Source code & Game Data

The sourcecode is avaiable for public within the GPL license. You can download it directly from the SVN at sourceforge by using the SVN Adress:


Unfortunately we cannot release the game data (images, videos, sound effects) under GPL but you can download it for private non-commercial access here:


Support & Troubleshooting

Building in Linux is currently not that easy as the main platform during development was windows, instructions can be found in doc/linux_building.txt

Support forums can be found on the SourceForge site here: http://sourceforge.net/forum/?group_id=208495