• Schneeflocke 0.6.0

    is released.

    • Clients do now cryptographic authentication the main server and each other.
    • Major rewrite of threading/asynchronoucity infrastructure inside the core

    You can download for Windows and Ubuntu Linux on http://sflx.net/beta, there you can also create the necessary login.

    The source code is available on GitHub.

  • xfce quirks

    For those who also use XFCE to work, since current Gnome-3 Problems:

    • Lock Screen: Panel: Add New Item / Action Buttons. Then in Action Buttons Properties you can set the first button action type to "Lock Screen".
    • Switch User: gdmflexiserver (in Terminal or via shortcut)

    Tested on Fedora 15.


  • Say hello to Schneeflocke

    Hooray, the first public Schneeflocke build 0.5.4 has been released today on sflx.net :)

    Schneeflocke is designed to be a Friend-2-Friend file sharing system. It's like a IM client for sharing folders (and without the chatting functionality...). In order to use it, you just have  to

    • signup on sflx.net/register - this is to prevent spammers
    • Download the  client on sflx.net/beta/downloads
    • Login (don't forget to set your login credentials on view/settings dialog)
    • Add your friends with Add/Contact...
    • Share a directory with File/Share...
    • Enjoy sharing...

    The source code can be found on GitHub.

    Don't trust my server? Just use your own XMPP Server :) (e.g. Prosody).

    Note: Although the connection is encrypted, its not yet authenticated - an active attacker can still compromise security and sniff your traffic.  Not all NATs can be traversed in the moment, only basic UDP hole punching is implemented. This is a BETA version.

    And now? Now that Schneeflocke is released for the first time, I will try to get into the reachability problem, either by increasing the NAT hole punching algorithm or by implementing some kind of a tunnel algorithm.

  • Dell XPS 15 - Noisy fan in Ubuntu

    Had to get a mobile workstation for Linux and choosed the Dell XPS 15 (Intel i7 2630QM, FullHD) L502x for it because of 3 years warranty and their good screen resolution. The laptop itself seems solid, the fan is a bit loud but still ok.

    The bad: In ubuntu (11.10 Beta) it's always noisy due to a bug in their kernel.

    Power consumption in idle: 42W, measured with PowerTOP. Thats enough, to keep the fan running all the time.

    In contrast, Fedora 15: 24W. While playing HD Youtube videos: 37W. That's less enough to keep the fan off. And nearly 40% off.

    BTW: Ubuntu 11.10 doesn't include Gnome, just their Unity. In my opinion even Gnome3 is more useable than Unity. But why on earth does each new WM copy the bad tab-switch-behaviour from OSX?

    Arg, the Kernel update to 2.6.40 (3.0 :)) brought the problem back, so again 30W of consumption. After disabling nouveau (which isn't that easy (german)) and unloading the NV 540M core via acpi_call it's again at 19W. Disabling the nouveau driver also brings the suspend mode to work (with nouveau it's just a matter of luck).

  • Powerball on TV

    Our 3D game Powerball was on TV at a report about the "Lange Tag der Wissenschaften" (Night of Sciences) in Dresden. :)

    See the report here at long its online!

  • sfserialization / autoreflect 0.2

    Just uploaded sfserialization 0.2. Most changes are inside the C++ parser and code generator

    • C++ Parser can now parse Function Declarations (still no real template support)
    • With this information, a new code generator named RpcGenerator can create helper functions for RPC-Calls. The RPC format is a proprietary JSON based format I also used in my diploma thesis (Basic format: [Command-Name, Arguments in JSON, Binary-Data]).  It shall be possible to create other Rpc-Generators or wrappers as well, using the parsed function declarations
    • The enum fromString() generator now uses a slightly packed statically generated hash table, which is smaller now. I moved the generating code to StaticHashTableBuilder (link) so that other Generators can also use these tables.
    • Some minor bugfixes

    0.2 can be found here

    update: already on 0.2.1 (bugfix only)

  • Coroutines in C/C++

    Just as a Idea for a project, some links about coroutine implementations:

    LibTask: http://code.google.com/p/libtask/ (originally: http://swtch.com/libtask/ )

    LibTask for Win32: http://code.google.com/p/libtask-win32/

    Boost Coroutine (Some Summer of Code project): http://www.crystalclearsoftware.com/soc/coroutine/


  • Auto toString/fromString functions for C++Enums

    And some other serialization related things are described in a short presentation of Autoreflect.

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