Norbert Schultz - Software Engineer in Berlin, Freelancer


  • Portation of Software (e.g. Windows to Linux and Mac)
  • Distributed Software aka Reactive Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Graphic Algorithms (OpenGL)

Programming Languages:

  • C++ (expert)
  • Scala (+Java)
  • Serverside JavaScript (NodeJS)
  • Objective C
  • Python
Operating Systems: Linux (mainly), Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

You can meet me regularly at the C++ User Group and Scala Meetup in Berlin.

Cool things I've Done (C++ if not noted different)
  • With the age of 10 I wrote a replacement for Windows using QBasic. It had a nice Screensaver and a simple Calculator ;)
  • In School I wrote a calculator which could do much of my homework (symbolic derivation etc.)
  • There was some planetaric simulator to show how the Swing By Effect works.
  • At university time I implemented the Quake 3 Map format. I could fly around in a level and it rendered in OpenGL, see Slide for the Code
  • I lead the team for a 3D game called Powerball demonstrating what a 3D-Display is capable of. TU Dresden is still using the game for their Open House events
  • I wrote most of a C++ Logic Reasoner which was able to calculate out 1000s of different game situations per second in the General Game Playing Contest of 2008.
  • I implemented an 3D raytracing algorithm which works entirely on the grahpics card using GLSL, see TetraViewer 2
  • I implemented a P2P-Collaboration library and File sharing tool called Schneeflocke / libschnee
  • Because I did not liked the way I had to code serializer/deserializers by hand I wrote a Code generator for that which included a simple C++ Parser. Its called sfautoreflect and is part of sfserialization.
  • I ported the core of the supporting tool Pcvisit to Mac OSX and Linux and was responsible for reenginering the application servers (NodeJS)
  • A internet video conferencing solution has now screensharing support for OSX/Windows/Linux based upon FFMPEG co-authored by me
  • I hacked a small calculation engine which powers a scientific calculator for iPad and Android (never published).
  • In 2012-2014 I helped a big german software enterprise creating automotive customer solutions for Android (Java, Multiplatform-C++)
  • In December 2013, I got all points in the tricky Reactive Programming Course at Coursera (Scala)
  • In March 2014 the company Reactive Core GmbH was founded
  • Since 2014 Reactive Core is helping a big german car toll company managing their test processes with a custom Java/Hibernate/JavaFx application
  • Since 2014 Reactive Core is working for a big science publisher on their new asynchronous web platforms based upon Scala and Play! Framework
  • Oct 2004 - Oct 2010 Diploma Degree TU Dresden in Computer Science (Informatik)
  • Jan-Jun 2008 Erasmus Student Exchange INSA Lyon (France)

Spoken Languages: German (native), English (fluent), French (advanced)

Have a look at GitHub ;-)


Interested? Feel free to contact my company Reactive Core GmbH via Email